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Apartment loan

Thorpe Commercial Capital offers debt restructuring to small, medium and large properties. When our clients have maturing debt stress, cash flow problems or cash-out needs, they value having a capital source that can facilitate a seamless process and has specialized finance skills to properly analyze, structure, underwrite and close their loan. Many Commercial Loan Officers that know the industry lingo lack debt placement knowledge and planning skills, to insure the property closes with the best terms available.


With more than $1.1 trillion of commercial real estate loans maturing over the next few years, we emphasize you to have consultation and review your new debt strategy options today. We help our client's secure low-cost financing so they can continue the growth of their business.

Property And Transaction Types

Retail, Office, Industrial, Apartments, Mix-Use, Raw Land, Hospitality, Churches, Marinas, Warehouses, Self Storage, Land Development, Entertainment and Aviation.

Refinance Programs

Permanent Financing, Preferred Equity, Bridge Loans, Joint Venture, Hard Fast Money, CTL-Transaction, Mezzanine Financing and Low Vacancy Loans.

General Refinance Terms

Loan Amount:         $1 Million to $75 Million + 

Amortization:          Up to 30 Years 

Terms:                        3, 5, 7, 10 Years

Loan To Value:        Up To 80%

Debt Coverage:       1.2      



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