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Construction Loans

Commercial Construction and Development Loans

The traditional approach to obtain a construction or development loan is out dated for the real estate investor. Banks, direct lenders and insurance companies have failed the investor by not underwriting their files upfront before any due diligence capital is paid.

Partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced construction team at Thorpe Commercial Capital can insure your loan will be structured right to receive the best terms and the lowest cost. Exceptional underwriting skills are needed upfront to navigate through the risk and complexity of sourcing capital to the right bank, direct lender or insurance company. The stakes are high and this is not for the novice investor, developer or originator.

Our construction professionals provide on-the-ground knowledge in local markets to get your project moving. We zero in on your needs to make sure the communication is clear and timely throughout the loan process. Partner with us today.


New ground-up construction, development, assets in transition, construction and refinancing across all property types nationwide.

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