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Commercial real estate listings

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & FHA Transactions


Thorpe Commercial Capital provides the guidance you need to start and lead you through the process to obtain the industries lowest interest rates from the many different types of agency commercial loans. New transactions like an acquisition, refinance, new construction or rehabilitation financing, we bring extensive deal experience to advise you which agency loan (FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) is best for your property. Our finance professionals know this business so you can keep moving in your business.

Multifamily:  Affordable Multifamily, Apartments, Student Housing and Manufactured Housing.

Healthcare:  Hospitals, Senior Housing, Senior Care Facilities, Medical Office and Psychiatric Hospitals.

FHA - General Guidelines                

FHA 221 (d) (4):    Multifamily new construction or substantial  rehabilitation. Senior independent apartments.

FHA 223 (f):          Multifamily purchase  or refinance  (For-profit or Non- profit).

FHA 232:               Healthcare acquisition and refinance  (95% LTV  for Non-profit).

FHA 241 (a):          Supplemental financing (Addition or improvement with existing FHA-insured loans).

FHA 242:               Hospital financing.

FHA 207:               Manufactured housing. Mobile home parks financing.

FHA  223  (a) (7):  Refinancing of a existing FHA multifamliy or Healthcare loan

                              (up to 100% LTV of refinance cost or up to the original loan amount).

Fannie Mae - General Guidelines              

Cooperative and Multifamily Properties, Student, Seniors and Manufactured housing

Loan Size:            $1 Million minimum, up to no max

Term:                    5 to 30 years

LTV:                      up to 80%

DSCR:                   1.25X

Amortization:      up to 30 years


Advantages:        Have a DUS Loan now? Refinance now No appraisal, No title and No engineer report.                                             Non-recourse, Early rate lock, Interest only, Balloon option,  Seconds & Additional 

                              advances  available, 7-6 arm  (low rates), Structured arm, Green refinance plus.

Freddie Mac - General Guidelines

Specialized Properties Plus Multifamily, Student and Seniors Housing

Loan Size:             $1 Million minimum, up to no max

Term:                     5 to 30  years

LTV:                        Up to 80%

DSCR:                    1.25X

Amortization:       Up to 30 years

Rate Lock:             Up to 18  months for newly constructed  or substantially renovated lease properties


Advantages:        Interest only, Non-recourse, Fix to float, Section 8 financing, Supplemental mortgages,

                              Partial interest only, 4% LIHTC bond credit enhancements, Defeasance, Moderate

                              rehabilitation while occupied, Purchase with two mortgages simultaneously.

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